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Oct 20, 2020

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My guest is Dave Bone, CEO of San Diego Flooring Pros.

Dave is a third-generation flooring pro. For years he worked in his family business in his home town, then for other companies in San Diego, and finally decided to go into business himself. 

He knew everything there was to know about selling and installing flooring but needed support in setting up a solo business.

In the interview, he discusses the key planks of his success in creating a nimble, lean, and successful company that provides hands-on, personal, custom service to clients:

He worked with a super business attorney (hey, hey!) who says: “The number one thing that any business needs to do, especially when they're starting out, is to make sure that they're starting on a solid legal foundation.”

Critical first step: He incorporated his business, which (A) protects his assets, and (B) qualified him for Covid stimulus money.

He put together a team of experts: business attorney, CPA, marketer, and business coach Kathy Nelson, who was featured in episode 33 of this podcast.

Another key piece of the puzzle is the software he uses to organize everything from his initial contact leads to purchase orders and bookkeeping.

Listen to the whole interview to learn more about going into business for yourself — with the right kind of professional help.

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