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Take control of your destiny with the Queen of Business Law! Join Kelly Bagla, Esq., author of “Go Legal Yourself!”, as she cuts through the often complicated and overwhelming legal side of owning a business. The Legal Lifecycle of a business is broken down into simple, winning strategies to launch an entrepreneurs’ dream into reality and give business owners what they really need to ultimately succeed, the right way! Now on Apple PodcastsSpotify or better yet, get the Go Legal Yourself APP and never miss an episode or bonus content!

Jun 8, 2021

The American dream is alive and kicking and is well. I'm here to share with you that I am a product of the American dream. From my accent, you might have detected that.

Well, I was born and raised in England, migrated to the states about 23 years or so ago. America is my home now. But the life that I've created for myself I don't think that would have been possible in England.

Immigrants starting their business here is a gift. This is what America is founded upon. It's founded upon your hard work. It's founded upon my hard work and it's founded upon people that come here with dreams in their heart and it's achievable. That's the crazy thing about the American dream.

Throughout my podcast episodes, I talk about the business legal lifecycle. It’s literally about what your business is going to go through. There's a startup phase. There's a growth phase. There's the established phase. Oh, and don't forget the exit phase, the most important phase of all.

Now don’t forget…

A smart man actually makes mistakes and learns from them. But a wise man finds the smart man, learns from his mistakes, and avoids the pain.

That's exactly what you want to do. Starting your own business is so freeing. It's incredibly rewarding. This is the American Dream realized. Get some help. I'd love to help you.

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